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Oregon Heritage, including the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, collects information about places associated with Oregon’s history in order to document, designate, preserve and share them with the public. With the Oregon Historic Preservation and the Oregon Heritage Plans, we have committed to increasing the representation of historic places we document and designate. Periodically, we will focus on an area of interest like a specific racial or ethnic group, or a specific theme like depression era or civic rights. But you can submit any information at anytime!

Lots of things count! History may go back thousands of years, but it comes clear up to the 1970s. And places you might not think are significant could be…the local church, a park were a cultural gathering occurred regularly, a cemetery, a business, a home that was a gathering for civil rights activism, a social club, an event site, etc.

Please provide any and all information and documentation you can. The information will be added to the Oregon Historic Sites Database and may be used to designate properties to the National Register of Historic Places in the future. For information about what to submit, contact Jason Allen at 503-986-0579.

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Cora Cox House

African American History

SHPO has received a grant from the National Park Service to document and designate places associated with African American History in Oregon. Any information you can provide will assist us with this project. Also, what you submit will be shared with Oregon Black Pioneers to forward their work. Just select ‘African American’ as the theme when you get started.

Coos Bay Bridge

Depression Era History

SHPO is working on documenting and designating properties related to the Works Progress Administration and the Public Works Administration. Please share information on any properties related to these programs including campsites, unions, facilities developed, etc.

Union Women's Club, Union

Other History & National Register Nominations

Please submit information about places with other important history. Also, if you want to list a property in the National Register of Historic Places, provide as much information as possible and check the box at the end of your submission. We will follow-up with you!